Saturday, June 11, 2016

Being in a show

     When your in a show there can be a lot of responsibilities. You have to know your lines, your choreography, and your blocking. But I'm going to make it easy and break down what each of these things are. But overall Acting is just pretending to be somebody. You can learn everything you need to know about your role or whatever you are but if you don't believe yourself the audience won't believe you either.

     Lines are what you memorize to play the part of someone. For example I had to learn the lines of a Silly Girl in Beauty and the Beast. You have to believe you are that person and sometimes it all comes down to the night of the show nd once the light hits you your there. If you have stage fright think of being in a show as not being who you are. If you mess up it's the character not you and play it off as if you were the character. Stage fright is just your brain telling you that it's you on the stage not your character. Sometimes if you believe in your character so much you forget everything that is going on in your life and you just remember your character as you and that's what Acting tome is all about.

    Choreography  is dancing is a big word. In a dance you get choreography and you have to memorize it to be the best ability that you can do to perform the dance as if you were the character.
Blocking is when you are reading your lines nd you have to move around or do something related to the character. For example when I was in Your a Good Man Charlie Brown I had to say "What I think you need most of all Charlie Brown is to come right out and admit all the things that are wrong with you." And while I said that I had to stand up and walk over to the person who was playing Charlie Brown.

     Acting or being in a show is all about how seriously you take being in the show. If you love acting like me, you will be amazing and if you aren't that good now don't worry we all get better. I was not always as good at singing as I am now but in good time I got help , I go to a voice studio and I sing all the time. If you really want to do something do it because you never know when an opportunity will come and you never know when the greatest opportunity of your life will come along. That's all for now have fun acting or whatever you love to do and remember to Act Out!

Friday, June 10, 2016

True Friends

     Today I'm going to be talking about who your real friends are and who they aren't. I'll tell you what the signs are that you need to know who you need to be careful around and who you can trust. Here are some tips 1) Never use social media when your in a fight, if you are having problems with anyone you should NEVER talk about someone online, it never goes away and someone will always have the memory or they can take a picture of everything and show someone and that can never go away! 2) Don't share secrets or talk about someone who they think can trust you. Those were some very important tips.
     You can see how a friend is a true friend or not by seeing how they take small secrets and see how they take that you will know if they are true or not by seeing how they act around you maybe if there is something your sad about see how they handle trying to make you feel better. It's all just a matter of judgment if they are true friends they will be there for you even if your mad at each other. Sometimes you find out the hard way if you have a true friend by a fight or if you have a very bad conversation however you find out if your friends a true friend it matters, TRUST ME!!
     In the end trust your instincts their almost always right. If something feels wrong about your friendship tell the person you should talk about what's going on. If you need to do something to feel comfortable around them do it! You need to definitely tell them ,bottling up feelings can ruin a friendship! I the end always be truthful and never tell any secrets if you want to be long friends you always need to be there for your friend! Well that's enough for today be truthful and don't forget to Act Out!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Boston Field Trip (bus ride edition)

     On Thursday the 2nd of June our team in Hiawatha 7th grade went to Boston. Although a lot fun things happened outside of the school bus, I would like to recognize what happened on our bus. On our bus we had Ms. Saraffi and Dr. Fiero as our chaperones/teachers.
     On our bus on the way Boston everyone was tired and no one was fully awake so i decided to open my pixie sticks about half way. By the time me and Angelina had eaten about 5 each we made it to the rest stop. After all the adults left the bus, everyone asked for a pixie stick and everyone got one but than everyone was very energetic after that. Than we were about an hour from Boston everyone was starting to talk and me and Angelina were watching YouTube when it started getting very loud. So I was wondering what was happening and we all started to eat snacks and a lot of junk food. By the time we reached Boston we all were very hungry because the sugar wasn't enough to fill our hunger.
     Fast forward to after the field trip. We were all very hyper still and everyone was very loud and the back of the bus where joe was sitting was extremely loud. They were basically screaming. I started watching youtube and all of sudden they were getting louder and than I turned around and they were playing heads up. I soon joined in and than Ms.Saraffi came back and sat with Dr.Fiero and than Ms. Saraffi started to play too! She told us to quiet down too though. After all this fun of course I was not hyper enough and I ate the rest of the pixie sticks all at once.
     This was a sum up of our Boston Field Trip Bus ride. Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading and remember to Act Out!