Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Story Time

     Welcome back to Acting Out. Today I would like to adress kind of a story time of 3 stories that when you need a laugh you can go to. So without further ado, here they are. I will menshion who they were with and what happened in a time line kind of way. Here they are.

    One: So when I was little I would go to a private school. On the way to the mall after school with my older sister Jenna and my friend Molly Nelligan, we saw an old lady kind of just sitting alone waiting for the bus. So we go into the mall and we spend a good hour or two in the mall. When we com out we getin the car get all situated and my sister starts the car and we drove to where you wait for the CDTA buses and we were waiting behind one and all of a sudden the same old lady is in line to get on the bus. Reminding you this was one to two hours later!
     So we're laughing and my sister turns around and asks whats so funny when I see his lady who looks about 80 years old sees me and Molly who are 6 or 7 at the time and my sister who is about 23 years old and looked very young at the time in the car and she literally started coming towards the car. I yelled she was coming to Jenna and she was frantically trying to lock the doors and roll up the windows at the same time but she didn't roll the windows up quick enough. So this lady reached her hand into my car window and tried to grab me and I unbuckled and moved over closer to Molly and my sister rolled up the window a couple secconds after.
      Than the wierdest part of this was she want to the middle of the road once we drove away on the wrong side of the rode because of the stupid CDTA bus and she starts, wait for it. READING!!! In the middle of the road. I have never seen something or encountered something like that to this day. Me and Molly still remember this day. Anyway thanks for reading and as always remember to Act Out!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Stage Face

     Hi, today I want to bring up a topic I get asked suprisingly alot. I get asked about, "how do you do all those facial expressions?" My answer is normally "oh, that's my stage face." Alot of people I work with when acting call their facial expressions their stage face. It's basically their "game face" that athleets "put on" before a game. To an actor or actress its them "putting on" their "stage face" before a show.

     When I go on stage my face is completley blank. You have to feel the emotions as if they were real. If you really like someone you have to really like them. I don't mean like them in "real life" but, you have to like their character because that is who you are portraying. You ahve to let yourself feel those emotions as if you really were that character falling for the other person.

     When you "put on" your stage face it is the best feeling in the whole world. Nothing outside matters. No one can be mean or be nice. I know why don't I want someone to be nice. Right? I like that no ones opinion matters and it's the show. We all have to be our character and in reality noting can hurt the character because in most cases it's not real. I love acting and I almost never want to take my game face off. Thats it for now stay awesome and remember to Act Out!