Friday, April 29, 2016

My Day At Sefcu

     Welcome back to Acting Out. Today I would like to talk about my day at Sefcu. The Red Cross hosted a military family's children's week during our spring break. I took Parker to see some of the things The Red Cross does for it's military families. We learned about our money and how to save, spend, share, and grow our money. Here are some activities we did on Monday.

     We had the Apple store come to Sefcu and they gave us iPads for the day which we could use to take pictures and videos of what we were doing. Then they would come back at the end of the day to show us how to make the those into a movie.  After apple left we got Sefcu ID's which they said worked. (but they didn't) Than we learned that the Sefcu website was named FRED and it isn't even an abbreviation. After the ID's we saw the loading dock and where the important files were at Sefcu. Than We saw the gyms and then the tour guide and I (who was Parker's Aunt's friend) had a friendly sit ups competition, in the gyms....I won. After that we took some time to eat a snack and than we went to the Sefcu Vault.

     We got a inside look of the Sefcu Vault and what it does. We even saw hpe members get in. We also got shown a coin counter that deposits into your bank account. After that it was time for Lunch! We had lunch with all of the employees who served or are currently serving our country. After we ate lunch we walked around the track and than I was chased by my cousin and I ran...not the best idea. After the track we went to the Sefcu conference room and we got to  play some money games. Then it was time for Apple to come back and we made our videos. Thank you so much for reading and remember to Act out!


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Singing Tips

     Singing is the best thing that has happened to me. I love singing and I will never stop. Singing is the best thing and can teach a child a lot about time,rhythm and patterns. You also could be born with a perfect ear and could be an amazing singer as well.

     When singing you have to remember 5 specific things. 1. Posture, you have to keep posture to make sure you can sing to your best ability. 2. Alignment, you have to be perfectly stacked to make sure your vocal chords can bring the perfect pitch. 3. Diction, you need to pronounce the words properly and correctly to make sure the audience can hear you and understand the words. 4. Vocal Placing, This is very technical you have to think higher than you are actually singing so you don't go off pitch. and last but certainty not least, 5. Expressions, you need facial expressions or else there's no feel to the music, you need these 5 things when singing.

     These are 5 amazing helpful tips for singing. I use these everyday and I love singing. When you've sung since you were 3 you have to use these. I love these tips and I use them everyday, I love them so much, Thanks for reading and remember to , Act Out!

Monday, April 11, 2016


Debuts, I love you.
A writing piece by Nicaya Rios

Yesterday was an emotional day. It was the last kids show on the debuts stage. The building is getting bulldozed on July 1, 2016. They didn't give Jason much warning, and Jason didn't give us much warning. Someone bought the building, and is tearing it down. Jason had been renting the space. It may have been a filthy barely standing building, but it had become home. The musty smell, the cramped backstage, the small but powerful lights… They all became home. Even though it is only been 2 years, it's been the best 2 years of my life. I found out before opening night. Performing was difficult, especially on that Sunday. Yesterday. Jason had us all signed the door between the male and female changing rooms. My message said "Jason said not to cry, but that deed has been done." We all cried before the shows. I am so grateful for Debuts because it's where I made some of my most important, brilliant relationships. I can't thank Jason enough. Elizabeth was one of the people I met. She is a small diva, but I love her anyway. We wrote "Nicaya and Elizabeth, best friends since debuts" on the wall inside of a huge heart. The end of the performance was really emotional during the bows because it would be the last few minutes of the last show on the stage. During bows, I teared up. We were all so sad because at this location, we all met. Morgan 🎶, Cassidy, Ashley⭐️🌟💫✨, Caroline, Pheberss, Liz, the list goes on and on. This is where we made so many memories. It's where we had our ups and downs. It's where we all fell in love with theater. Well at least me. It's where we all grew as people and actors. It's we spread out wings, and took off. Debuts is the best place in the world. Everyone is given the chance, and it's such a happy community. Nobody judges to you. Everyone loves everyone. Sure, we have her ups and downs but at the end of it all we are family. Family is always there for each other. Family never stepped down when help is needed. Family is family. It's been so hard not to cry while writing this, but I did it. I love you, Debuts. Even if the location changes and the company still stays, I will miss the constant cramptness (if that's a word), The running around, and the family. New people will come, and old people will go. But I will never forget the people that made me who I am today, and the people that have changed my life forever. I will miss you debuts. Even though you aren't going anywhere, it will be different. But it will be good. Goodbye, Debuts. I love you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Acting with flaws

     Being in a musical is hard work. I am in snoopy the musical right now as Lucy Van Pelt and I have rehersal from 12-6 on weekends and from 6-9 on week days. I would like to talk about the hard work you have to do to be prepared for a show. 

     When a cast member is sick you have to be prepared to go on anyway. As of right now Charlie Brown and Snoopy are out sick and the show is Friday!!! I have many scenes with these characters but as an actress or actor you have to be prepared to go on anyway. You als have to be responsible and learn all your lines and dances before the off book date. An off book date is the day when you can't have a script on stage anymore and you have to in your last resort say "line" if you forget. 

     Being a part of a production means that you all have to work together. If you don't like someone you have to suck it up because they got a part they deserve for what the director can see and they might not like you either but in order to be the most responsible and mature you have to suck it up and catlike nothing is going on. As I have learned from being in shows my directors sometimes say leave the drama at home. This basically means be mature and whatever is going on outside of the theater doesn't matter until you Walt out of the door. 

     This is hosi look at being in shows, I hope you have learned something. Always be kind to your cast mates and friends. Never be rude for the director will probably not want to cast you again. With that said have an amazing day and remember to act out!!!