Wednesday, March 2, 2016

FMS Mask

     Mask is a club you audition to join. In mask you are signing up to be in a show. Last year I was in Mulan and I was the ancestor Zhang. This year the show is Peter Pan and I'm Nibs a Lost Boy. The best part of being in a show is being a part of the work that goes on backstage and throughout the show. Helping others through rehearsal and through memorization of lines and songs.

     For the memorization, we are given a date to be "off book". Being off book is when you basically are fully memorized on all your lines if you have any which all people are given at least one group line most of the time or are in a big group dance. Lines are what is the script. The script is the whole play or musical put together in one book that everyone learns and sees what the show is about and what the scenes are and what scenes they are in.

     Also when memorizing you have to memorize the songs. For everyone memorizing is different. I know I memorize my lines as we rehears and my songs I memorize in a day just because I want to know what they are and I listen to them so much that I eventually listen to the mo many times that I memorize them. The memorization process is different for everyone but for me I know my songs and my lines are what I need to work on.

     Overall Mask is an amazing process and if you don't want to be seen that be in Tech and Stage crew. This is for anyone who is interested in acting. I loved singing but one of my best friends had the worst stage fright ever and once she went on stage for the first time in a show her stage fright diapered. That is all for now but just remember to Act on and...Act Out!

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  1. The show was amazing! I loved how into it all of the pirates in your group were. BRAVO!!!