Friday, January 8, 2016


     In language arts we are creating PSA's. A PSA is a public service announcement. It shows a scenario based on one thing out of your slogan. Our slogan took a lot of thinking but finally we came up with, "Eat Great! Don't Wait." A PSA has to be exactly 30 seconds longer no more, no less. We were put in groups based on a writing assignment. 
 I was put in the Healthy Eating Group with Casey,Kylie ,Caitlyn. Our group was surrounding the fact of waiting. Our slogan was Eat Great! Don't Wait. So we thought of the Idea of waiting.The scenario has to do with one thing of the Slogan it can't be showing what to do or not to do. 
   When it was our filming day we had to get everything done in one day we had to shoot 6 scenes! We had to get permission from the school nurse to use the wheelchair. We also had to ask the secretary in the front of the building to go outside.I had just learned what a PSA was and this project was so much fun!

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