Friday, January 29, 2016

My Day at The Soup Kitchen

     On Tuesday the 26th me and about 20 other students went and volunteered for the Albany Soup Kitchen. We were assigned jobs and I was assigned a server. Before we started our jobs we learned what we had to do for our jobs. As a server the #1 thing we learned was smile! The best thing you can do is smile and when you see someone smile back and say thank you it feels amazing to know you were helping someone who needed it!

     As a server you had to first greet the new person(s) and ask them what they would like to drink. If they wanted a cold beverage you would take their cup and give it to a lady who would pour the drinks. If they wanted a hot beverage you would take their cups get them water, if they asked and get them a special cup for hot drinks. Than you would ask them if they would like a salad. After you got them a salad or not you would ask them what they would like to eat, tell them the options and get them their meal. You would have to look out for drink refills and ask if they would like seconds, thirds were not allowed. 

     Overall I loved that expiriance! It was my favorite school trip ever! I loved the experience and I would do it over again in a heartbeat! This is an amazing thing to do and knowing you helping out others is the best feeling ever. I loved seeing the smiles on people's faces when they would leave knowing that they would be happy as they left with a great memory of kids actually caring and helping out. The most amazing thing is that kids wanted to go and my teacher Mrs.Fanning had to turn kids away. It makes me happy that kids my age actually care and I will never forget this trip!

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